Dear teachers

Has anyone any news about our teachers? Ma’am Fe Calope (Lomantas) was our class adviser and English teacher. Years ago, when we were still in college, she and our Pilipino Journalism teacher Lilia Andres, managed to join us in one of our annual trips to Angono, Rizal. But that was ages ago. And the rest? We are totally clueless what have become of them. It would be nice if we hear from these people also:

Mrs. Wilhelmina Baking (English Journalism, RIP)
Mrs. Wilhelmina Lopez (Social Studies)
Mrs. Agapita Correa (Filipino)
Miss Luisa Rabago (Algebra)
Miss Cresencia Reyes (Trigonometry)
Miss Adahlia Aquino (Physics)
Mrs. Salmorin (Spanish)
Ms. Rodelia Tangco (YDT-CAT, girls)
Mrs. Amelia Mardo (now Orieta) (YDT-CAT, boys)
Ms. Martizano, (Music)


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