Finding our friends through the internet


In our time, when cellphones and internet had yet to invade our lives, we used to see each other without setting an appointment. Residing in the same community was definitely an advantage for many of us.

In any given day, for instance, Eric and Jaime Borja (RIP), both of Daang Bakal, would visit Lito and Keith in Raxabago. Together, they would proceed to Eddie’s house along Juan Luna (at times with detours to Marilu Ortiz’s in Villa Fojas, Yoly Mañalac’s and Renee dela Peña’s in S. Trinidad, or Rogelio del Prado’s also in Raxabago), then to Larry’s dugout in Pritil (sometimes to Noelito Roque’s in Herbosa), and the “procession” would end at Mario Mercado’s place in Dagupan, where Minerva Llabres, Merle Salvador, Ruby Rosa Gaviola, and Perlita Jaramilla also lived. June Lapira, Ariel Dimacali, Didi, Mel and Dado – the boys of Kalookan – would just pop in and the rest of the day would be spent with beer and never-ending retelling of high-school stories and jokes.

But now we send texts first if we want to see each other. Easy, if you still have each other’s telephone numbers.

But for those who have lost touch, you just try to find them via the net. Sometimes this search can yield some concrete results (although there’s always that doubt whether these are indeed the right persons you are looking for).

Lito tried two new search engines to locate our classmates. These are Pipl and Wink, which he thinks are a lot better than other similar services. For example, the search for Maria Rosarita Quijano gave back this result:


Could it be our very own Rorie? Has she become a doctor and married to a Siasoco? And is she working now as the chief health program officer of the Bureau of Local Health Development, as the search result further tells us? We have sent her an e-mail and let’s just hope she responds. Otherwise, we will just call her up using the number included in her personal data.

Another classmate we stumbled across was John Marte Marcella, who is maintaining a Friendster account. We have no idea if he regularly updates his online space but those who have an account with this social networking site can link up with him by clicking here.

And finally, we also found out that Merle Salvador (Belmi) passed a state licensure exam for teachers in August 2006. Unfortunately, there were no contact data given.

So peps, try using the two search engines we mentioned (or any other way, for that matter) and help us locate our dear classmates. Every piece of information you gather is certainly most welcome. Believe us, playing Dick Tracy can be fun.


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