Eric and Larry

Over the last two years or so, some members of the IV-1 peps had managed to hold just a couple of kitakits. One question that would keep cropping up during these drinking sessions was: “Nasaan na kaya sila?”

Sila, of course, refers to the rest of the class who we haven’t seen in quite a while. The last gathering was in fact attended by only a handful: Eduardo Roberto, Red George Hizon, Catalino dela Cruz, Diosdado Dizon, Lauro Ramos, Rizaldy Espiritu, Roderick Macatangay, and Carlito Parungo.

Nevertheless, that reunion of sort, just like in the past, would also become an occasion to reminisce our “glorious” days in high school. As usual, we talked about Restituto Vigo and his antics; Mel Abas and his hifalluting words; John Marte Marcella and his “don’t cut the scissors” quips … We literally had a roll call and wondered how everyone was doing. Somehow we silently shared this dreadful thought that a once tightly-knit group was heading for a total disintegration.

At the Fort

Holding another grand reunion, just like the successful one we had in 1988, was discussed anew. Unfortunately, Eric, our very dependable friend, has left for the Middle East without anyone else taking over the leg work he used to do in tracking down all our classmates.

Next year is already 2008, a milestone because it marks our 30th anniversary as a class. Between now and December 2008 we have ample time to prepare for a reunion, and we do hope that this site would be of help in finding our long lost peps.

Lito took the initiative to set up this blog and will ask Larry, George, Keith, Didi, Eddie, Dado, Eric and the rest of the class to help maintain it. The idea is to locate our classmates and inform them about the existence of this site, which will serve as our tagpuan in cyberspace.

We are requesting all of you to share personal updates, old and new pictures of yourselves and your families, or any other articles you think are worth publishing.

Let’s keep this site rolling and we do hope to hear from you.

Pier 1


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