Class reunion in 1988

The Girls

One of the most well-attended reunions we’ve had was the one held in 1988, exactly 10 years after we graduated from high school. It was held in a Matabungkay beach resort in Batangas and attended by almost half of the class.

Those present were: Laarni Canicula, Rorie Quijano, Malu Ortiz, Ruby Gaviola, Reny dela Peña, Nitz Mercado, Pearly Jaramilla, Zeny Cervantes and Merle Salvador (with daughter Margaux). Representing the boys were: Larry Ramos, Buddy Ignacio, Gil Buan, Mario Mercado, Eric Macatangay, Roger del Prado, Eddie Roberto, George Hizon, Gil Monte de Ramos, Ric Manuel, Resty Vigo, Lito Parungo and June Lapira.

The Boys

Other classmates – Didi Espiritu, Dado Dizon, Keith dela Cruz, Noelito Roque and Remy Tuazon – did attend the series of preparatory meetings but for various reasons begged off at the last minute.

It was a fun two-day outing, with a mini-Olympic tournament that pitted the peps against each other in gruelling games of sack race, track-and-field relay, and tug-of-war. And the highlight of the reunion? Our own Urian Awards that recognized the peps’ most hilarious and dramatic moments in the past.

Sana (dapat!) maulit muli


Message from Rorie

Yehey! Rorie has responded to our email! She is indeed the Dr. Rosarita Quijano-Siasoco we found on the net. We are reprinting here the message she sent us. We also have her contact information and those interested to get in touch with her – and with any peps, for that matter – can drop us a note.

Here’s Rorie’s letter:

I was able to view the site. Nice! Brought back a lot of memories …

I’m with the Department of Health, and I’m also a mama to two girls – 3 years old and 6 years old. Both premature and I was on bed rest the whole time I was pregnant.

My husband is an accountant, from the Siasoco clan of Marikina and San Juan (the confetti shoes business).

We live with Papang and Mamang in Parañaque, our ancestral house, because my sisters are already in the States. We visit them in the US once in a while.

Please let me know/provide me of the contact numbers of our classmates here and abroad. I usually go on travel duty in my capacity as national coordinator for Healthy Cities-Urban Health, which liases with the World Health Organization. I might be able to track them down in one of my trips. I also do a lot of field travels as I am with the Bureau of Local Health Development of the DOH. Once in a while, you might be able to get a glimpse of me (photos) in the dailies, with some local chief executives … Hehehe, not really mataba and not that thin anymore!

Mrs. Baking is Wilhelmina – she passed away several years ago. I still keep in touch with Ms. Rodelia Tangco and the former Ms. Raflores (I don’t know her married name).

I’ll try to send you some updated pictures. I still have a lot of our old pictures – albums! They are all stored in our house in Parañaque. Remember my being a camera bug? I still have that “bug” with me!

Keep in touch. Ok to circulate this email to our classmates.


Zeny’s college graduation party

We don’t have a large collection of group pictures, simply because not many of us had access to a camera then. That’s why seeing old photos of the peps together is always a welcome treat. This picture, for instance.

Zeny’s graduation

It was taken in 1983, during Zenaida Cervantes’ graduation party at Barrio Fiesta restaurant in Ermita. Zeny graduated summa cum laude from the Far Eastern University, tucking away a degree in accountancy. Among her guests then, syempre, were some peps, including no less than our class adviser.

Let’s identify the people in the photo (those seated, from left): Lito Parungo, George Hizon, Ana Marie Joaquin, Pearly Jaramilla, Ma’am Fe Calope-Lomantas  and her cousin. Standing (from left) are Didi Espiritu’s friend, Didi himself, Eric Macatangay, Keith dela Cruz, Zeny, Danny Martin, Remy Tuazon and Mario Mercado.

We will be featuring some more photos in the coming days. Please start rummaging through your files and send us scanned versions of our pictures taken during weddings, birthday parties, trips, baptisms, etc. Snaps of your family members are also welcome so that everyone gets to know them, too.

Laarni in the US of A?

Is Laarni Canicula already in the US? Pipl, the search engine we mentioned earlier, has in its list  a Laarni Canicula who is a resident of Los Angeles, California. No any other additional information was given, though.

We know that Mario is also in the US, but he has so many namesakes in the country, even in California where we know he lives. The best way to ascertain his whereabouts is for someone to go directly to Fullon, Dagupan and ask his relatives who still live there. Anyone?

Pearly in Japan

Perlita Jaramilla is still working in Japan, based on what she wrote in her Friendster profile. Pearly attended our 1988 reunion, and she told us then that she had been working there for years. Pearly is a proud mother of two grown-up children – Kei and Lloyd – who, according to her, were only 3 and 4 years old when she started working abroad. She also spoke of her mother’s death, which she said was a big shock to her. We are still waiting for Pearly’s reply to our email.

Click here to see more pics.

Our songs

For the first blog under this category, we thought of making an initial inventory of our favorite songs.

Remember that sari-sari store (or restaurant?) located at the corner of Juan Luna and Solis Streets? Many of us frequented this place to spend our spare cents on the jukebox and satisfy our cravings for music.

Two songs we always played then were “Band on the run” by Paul McCartney & the Wings and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Queen.

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